We are excited to announce that we will be releasing two new works before the end of summer. For literature lovers, the continuation of The Terra Australis, which will be called “Forever”, is scheduled to appear. In philosophy, we are hoping to release the first part of Tracking the Pendulum called “Dismantling the Paradigm”. If you have come across Paul’s philosophical ideas on his Blog, this work should clarify them and put them into a clear context.
MARCH 2016
APRIL 2016 A print copy of Purgatory is going to be released shortly. Purgatory was first published exclusively in digital form in 2008. A print version will allow a whole new group of readers to enjoy the Purgatory experience.
JULY 2016 PURGATORY is now available in print. This is a second edition, revised and corrected. Created with Amzon’s Create Space programme. It can be purchased at Amazon stores or from Create Space: https://www.createspace.com/6218943
The release of the Greek Translation has been postponed. It is now expected to be released in the autumn.
AUGUST 2018 “When Sirens Call” is now available in Greek translation. Translated by Gregory Papadoyiannas and published by Strange Days books. You can get a copy from their website http://www.strangedaysbooks.gr/2018/…/when-sirenes-call.html or ... if you still haven’t read the original English version you can get it from Threekookaburras https://threekookaburras.com/…/bo…/products/when-sirens-call